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Tags : Performance Marketing


Successful Launch and Establishment of a Strong Brand Presence in the Korean market via Performance Marketing


Successful Launch and Sales Promotion of Key Products on Local Marketplace Platforms

Tottenham Hotspur

User Acquisition and Cross-border E-commerce Campaign via Local Paid Search


Increasing Brand Awareness and Optimising Sales Generation in the Korean Market

Mercury Marine

Successful Amplification of Brand's Visibility and Engagement in the APAC Region


Enhancing BabyBjorn's Brand Awareness through Strategic Social Media Advertising and Offsite Content Marketing


Full Korea E-commerce Service, from Brand Localisation, D2C E-commerce Activation and Brand Acceleration

Agilent Technologies

Execution of B2B Sales Leads via Integrated Paid Social and Paid Display Campaigns


Data-led Optimisation to Improve Performance of Naver Search Ads and Google Search Ads


Streamlining the Sales Leads Generation Campaigns for a Global Coworking Office Brand in Seoul

Australian Agricultural Company

Building a Strong Brand Presence and Strengthening Engagement with the Target Audience


Strategic Localisation of Brand via Production of New Korean Website and Social Media Channels


Implementation of a Comprehensive Social Media Ad Strategy to Boost Brand Awareness & Reach Sales Targets

Austrian Business Agency

Targeted Content Marketing and Paid Search Activities for B2B Lead Generation

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Increasing Brand Visibility and Optimisation of Paid Search Campaigns



Enhancing Brand Awareness and Product Conversions through Multi-Channel Paid Digital Media Campaigns

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