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Brand Management, Performance Marketing

Enhancing BabyBjorn's Brand Awareness through Strategic Social Media Advertising and Offsite Content Marketing


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BabyBjorn, a renowned Swedish company specialising in the design and production of baby products, including their iconic baby carrier, aims to create safe, ergonomic and user-friendly products that promote the well-being and development of both infants and parents.

To bolster brand awareness and enhance product visibility within the Korean market, we collaborated with BabyBjorn to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that focused on strategic social media advertising and offsite content marketing.

Challenges & Objectives

Our approach involved running localised Meta Ads through a trusted local agency, facilitating seamless coordination between BabyBjorn's headquarters in Sweden and the local team in Korea.

Additionally, we had full responsibility for managing their Naver Blog and local YouTube channel, handling everything from registration and setup to content planning, publication, monitoring and reporting.


To establish a robust foundation for BabyBjorn's marketing efforts, our team meticulously set up their local Meta Ads account, ensuring seamless integration with the brand's overall marketing initiatives. This centralised platform enabled us to effectively manage campaigns, track performance and optimise results for BabyBjorn. Recognising the significance of localised advertising, we conducted thorough market research to identify key demographics, interests and preferences specific to different regions.

Through meticulous testing, including target audience testing, ad placement evaluation, format testing and bid adjustments based on performance, we developed a tailored social media ad strategy that resonated with the Korean audience.

Furthermore, we extended our support to BabyBjorn by assisting them in registering and setting up their Naver Blog and YouTube channel. Our team provided comprehensive management services, including monthly content planning, regular publication, diligent monitoring of issues and detailed reporting using Looker Studio (Google Data Studio).


Through our collaborative efforts, BabyBjorn successfully increased brand awareness in the Korean market while effectively identifying key audience groups and evaluating optimal ad formats for future campaigns.

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