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Agilent Technologies




Performance Marketing

Execution of B2B Sales Leads via Integrated Paid Social and Paid Display Campaigns


Brand Reach


Lowering Cost Per Click


Click-Through Rate


Agilent Technologies, a prominent manufacturer of analytical instrumentation, initiated a project focused on implementing paid social and paid display campaigns targeting industry professionals.

expand k was assigned the task of evaluating and suggesting ad placements and targeting options for various social and display platforms to support this endeavour.

Challenges & Objectives

Agilent Technologies faced the challenge of expanding its brand reach and visibility among the wider APAC market.

The project aimed to enhance sales leads, increase brand awareness and establish a stronger presence for the Agilent brand in the Korean and APAC region.


In collaboration with Agilent Technologies, expand k executed a cost-effective advertising strategy across multiple platforms. The activities encompassed operations on Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads and display ad platforms such as Google Display Ads and Naver Display Ads (GLAD).

For social ads, expand k handled campaign planning, ad creative production, platform operation and management. They provided recommendations for campaign and country budget allocations, conducted target audience management and A/B testing and published the ads upon approval. Daily monitoring of ad performance and prompt issue resolution was carried out, with project reporting delivered through Looker Studio (Google Data Studio).

Regarding display ads, expand k engaged in campaign planning, ad creative production, platform operation and management. They offered advice on campaign and country budget allocations, managed target audiences, implemented A/B testing, published the ads, monitored performance on a daily basis and promptly addressed any issues. Project reporting was also provided through Looker Studio (Google Data Studio).

Additionally, expand k provided support for search ads, assisting in project scoping, campaign budget allocation recommendations and country budget allocation recommendations.


Through the advertising strategy executed across various platforms, Agilent Technologies achieved remarkable results. The collaboration between Agilent and expand k led to a significant increase in sales leads, heightened brand awareness and a stronger presence of the Agilent brand in the Korean and APAC markets.

The targeted campaigns across social media, display networks and search engines effectively attracted potential customers, while the consistent and well-executed efforts helped establish Agilent as a trusted and reputable brand in the industry.

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