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Targeted Content Marketing and Paid Search Activities for B2B Lead Generation


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Austrian Business Agency undertook a project to expand to boost the organisation's presence in the Korean market through various digital marketing activities.

The project included localising the landing page, implementing content marketing strategies on Naver Blog and running paid search campaigns on Naver Search Ads.

Challenges & Objectives

The primary objective was to increase brand awareness and website traffic from the Korean market.

The challenges included adapting the content to the local language and culture, conducting keyword research and optimising paid search campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


Our activities for the Austrian Business Agency's project in the Korean market included comprehensive keyword research and content marketing efforts. In the keyword research phase, we utilised the Naver Keyword Tool and Google Keyword Planner to identify high-value Korean keywords.

For content marketing on Naver Blog, we assigned a dedicated content manager who optimised the Naver Blog account. The English content was carefully adapted to Korean, ensuring proper keyword implementation, title, H1 tags, content structure, tone of voice and visuals. We provided daily monitoring, customer support and monthly reporting to ensure the success of the Naver Blog campaign.

Additionally, we produced the Korean landing page which involved meticulous planning, content development and the creation of mockup draft pages. We localised the header, footer, body content, visuals and links to cater to the Korean audience.

For Korean paid search activities, we registered and set up the Naver Search Ads platform. We optimised the account, campaigns and ad groups for maximum effectiveness. Ad copies were created, tested and refined while targeting options were carefully adjusted. Daily monitoring, bidding adjustments and monthly reporting were provided to track performance.


The implemented strategies resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness and website traffic for Austrian Business Agency in the Korean market.

The localised landing page, optimised Naver Blog content and targeted paid search campaigns successfully attracted the target audience, driving more traffic and engagement on the website.

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