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Mercury Marine




Brand Management, Performance Marketing

Successful Amplification of Brand's Visibility and Engagement in the APAC Region


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expand k partnered with Mercury Marine, a prominent manufacturer of marine propulsion systems, specialising in Outboard Motors and Sterndrives.

Our collaboration aimed to elevate Mercury Marine's brand awareness across APAC countries, specifically leveraging Facebook and Instagram platforms. To achieve this, we spearheaded targeted social media campaigns conducted in multiple languages, while also managing their social media channels by curating APAC-friendly content.

Challenges & Objectives

Mercury Marine needed local capabilities in content creation, target insights and strategy to deliver social media presence tailored to the APAC audience.

By implementing a comprehensive social media strategy, expand k played a pivotal role in enhancing Mercury Marine's visibility and engagement in the APAC region. Through captivating campaigns and tailored content, we successfully amplified brand awareness and strengthened Mercury Marine's presence on key social media platforms.


expand k played a crucial role in supporting Mercury Marine by developing the APAC social media ad strategy and revamping its social media creatives. Our efforts were focused on driving higher engagement and resonating with the specific target audience in the APAC region.

To ensure an effective strategy, we conducted extensive keyword research, analysing a comprehensive list of relevant and impactful keywords. This research provided valuable insights and data, enabling us to better understand the preferences and behaviour of Mercury Marine's target audience. Armed with this knowledge, we were able to create and communicate the brand's message more effectively, ensuring maximum engagement and resonance with the APAC audience.

By fine-tuning the social media ad strategy and incorporating the insights gained from keyword research, expand k helped Mercury Marine optimise their digital marketing efforts, resulting in increased engagement and a stronger connection with their target audience in the APAC region.


As a result, Mercury Marine experienced a notable improvement in brand perception, market presenceand product discoverability throughout the APAC region.

The enhanced visibility and engagement achieved through our collaboration contributed to their overall success and growth in the APAC market.

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