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Australian Agricultural Company


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Building a Strong Brand Presence and Strengthening Engagement with the Target Audience


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Australian Agricultural Company(AACo), the biggest livestock producer in Australia, was looking for a brand partner in Korea to successfully introduce its line of products in the Korean market.

With the goal to increase brand awareness and affinity for its premium Wagyu brand, Darling Downs Wagyu, AACo had approached expand k for assistance in establishing the brand presence in Korea via social media activities.

Challenges & Objectives

AACo faced the challenge of establishing a localised brand presence on social media platforms and attracting a larger audience.

With the objectives of building brand affinity and increasing followers on Facebook and Instagram, expand k devised a comprehensive strategy spanning organic social media development, paid social media campaigns, Korean website creation, local production and influencer marketing.


expand k provided comprehensive support for AACo in their digital marketing efforts. Firstly, we took full responsibility for managing the Korean Facebook page and Instagram account. This involved creating a monthly content plan and producing original local posts tailored specifically for each platform. We also handled channel monitoring, management and user interactions. Monthly reporting was provided through Looker Studio (Google Data Studio).

Additionally, we implemented social media ad campaigns on Meta Ads to amplify AACo's reach. This included planning monthly ad strategies, creating ad posts, optimising the campaigns through target segmentation and monitoring the ad performance using Looker Studio (Google Data Studio).

Furthermore, we undertook content development initiatives to enhance AACo's digital presence, including creating a Korean website on WordPress. We also implemented SEO, tracking and analytics setup for ongoing monitoring and reporting using various tools.

Through our efforts, AACo experienced significant growth in social media channels, improved brand engagement and enhanced online presence, driving their overall business success.


Through the comprehensive strategy implemented by us, the Darling Downs Wagyu achieved remarkable outcomes. Their social media channels experienced significant growth. The brand's presence was strengthened whilst improving audience engagement. The user-friendly website attracted organic traffic and facilitated offline conversions.

Through the collaborative efforts between AACo and expand k demonstrated the effectiveness of the implemented activities, showcasing the positive impact on brand affinity, social media growth and overall business success.

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