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Brand Management, Performance Marketing, E-commerce Activation

Strategic Localisation of Brand via Production of New Korean Website and Social Media Channels


Brand Reach


Social Channel Engagement


Product Visibility


Bissell, the leader in the home cleaning electronics from the US, joined forces with expand k to increase the brand's social media presence and streamline the digital consumer journey by launching a new Korean website.

With the objective of developing a local social media management strategy alongside paid social activities, expand k collaborated with the brand's APAC HQ in Hong Kong as well as its local distributors in Korea.

Challenges & Objectives

Bissell required support from a local agency with expertise in the local digital consumer journey and social media management.

The objective was to establish and manage local social media channels to enhance brand awareness and better engage with the target audience in Korea. For social media, we have developed a strategy with full production of localised social media assets that adhere to the global brand design guide.


Collaborating with the brand's HQ in Hong Kong, expand k created Korean social media creatives and managed the organic social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. expand k provided support in account setup, brand localisation strategy specifically for Korea, monthly content planning adjustments based on monthly performance analysis, account management and developing content strategies tailored for the Korean market.

And we have supported in creating a localised Korean website, including the full production of the product pages. We have also set up analytics, tracking and SEO elements for the new website so that Bissell can secure organic traffic on brand-term searches.


Through our efforts, Bissell was able to establish and manage the local social media channels, which resulted in an increase in brand awareness and engagement in the Korean market.

And by successfully streamlining the digital consumer journey centred around the new Korean website, we have assisted in attracting more relevant traffic and enhancing brand visibility in the Korean market.

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