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Performance Marketing

Enhancing Brand Awareness and Product Conversions through Multi-Channel Paid Digital Media Campaigns


Lowering Cost Per Click


Product Visibility




JBL, a leading global American audio equipment manufacturer, was looking for a performance marketing partner in Korea to focus on elevating brand awareness and increasing sales conversion through strategic digital media campaigns for JBL in the Korean market.

The project aims to integrate JBL's APAC digital media campaigns via Naver Smart Store Special Promotion Page and diversify paid digital media channels on Meta, Naver, Kakao, Google and YouTube.

Challenges & Objectives

The project's challenges revolved around seamlessly integrating digital media campaigns via Naver Smart Store to enhance customer engagement while simultaneously diversifying the audience reach through multiple paid digital media channels - Meta Ads, Naver Display Ads, Kakao Display Ads, Google Display Ads, and YouTube Ads.

The objectives also encompassed the establishment of comprehensive paid digital media analytics and reporting, designed to offer insightful data on campaign performance and optimisation possibilities.


expand k approached the multi-channel paid digital media through meticulous media planning and management. We provided monthly campaign planning which included budget allocation, setting clear objectives and providing a preview of ad creatives across various platforms for Meta Ads, Naver Display Ads, Kakao Display Ads, Google Display Ads and YouTube Ads. This proactive approach ensures that the campaigns are well-structured and aligned with their specific goals.

Beyond media planning, we shouldered full responsibility for the entire campaign journey, spanning from initial setup to ad creation, precise audience targeting, thorough tracking, and detailed reporting.

We leveraged data-driven insights to conduct monthly performance evaluations, presenting clients with a holistic campaign overview and KPI targets. This included optimising ad creatives, identifying best-performing assets, and highlighting areas for improvement based on the monthly performance.

Our continuous refinement process ensures that our strategies remain agile, adapting to evolving market dynamics and consistently delivering superior results to JBL. expand k focus to achieve JBL's KPIs through our strategic expertise and unwavering dedication.


Our end-to-end campaign management, campaign setup, ad creative production, audience targeting, tracking and reporting, not only streamlined the processes but also boosted brand awareness for JBL in key ad platforms in the Korean market.

Data-driven insights from monthly performance evaluations informed creative enhancements, identified top-performing assets and provided actionable improvement recommendations. This continuous refinement approach ensured adaptability to market dynamics, consistently delivering superior results

Our strategic process and commitment allowed us not just to evaluate but to exceed JBL's performance marketing objectives, reinforcing our dedication to delivering exceptional value and achieving JBL's performance marketing goals in the Korean market.

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