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Streamlining the Sales Leads Generation Campaigns for a Global Coworking Office Brand in Seoul


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Lowering Cost Per Acquisition


JustCo, a renowned coworking office space provider from Singapore, had the objective of generating a continuous flow of leads in the Korean market.

To accomplish this, expand k was entrusted with the implementation of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassing paid search, paid social, paid display, map optimisation and SEO activities.

Challenges & Objectives

The primary challenge entailed consistently generating high-quality leads in a fiercely competitive Korean market dominated by strong local brands.

The key objectives were to enhance brand visibility, attract relevant prospects and drive conversions for JustCo's coworking space offerings.


expand k successfully executed a thorough digital marketing strategy to generate leads for JustCo in the Korean market.

Working closely with JustCo, expand k managed search ad campaigns on Naver and Google, employing optimisation techniques such as campaign planning, ad creative refinement, target testing, daily monitoring and monthly insights reporting.


The implemented digital marketing strategy yielded significant results for JustCo, including a consistent generation of leads, amplified brand visibility and improved conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) from advertising expenditures. Notably, a substantial number of leads were generated through Google Search Ads and Naver Search Ads.

Furthermore, expand k went above and beyond the agreed service scope by offering additional support, such as consulting, platform recommendations, platform research, competitor analysis and other related services.

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