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Implementation of a Comprehensive Social Media Ad Strategy to Boost Brand Awareness & Reach Sales Targets


Brand Reach


Lowering Cost Per Click




Fusalp, a luxury winter sports brand from France, aimed to strengthen its brand presence and execute paid social media marketing campaigns in the Korean market.

Due to their lack of local experience managing a Meta Ads account and the need for assistance with digital marketing activities in Korea.

Challenges & Objectives

Fusalp faced the challenge of establishing the account and formulating a successful strategy for targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to increase brand awareness and effectively engage the Korean audience.


To overcome these challenges and achieve the desired objectives, our team implemented a range of activities. We began by setting up and integrating a local Meta Ads account specifically for Fusalp, enabling precise audience targeting.

We have developed a comprehensive local social media ad strategy, encompassing various elements such as meticulous testing and optimisation of target audiences based on location, gender, age and interests. Rigorous testing and optimisation were also conducted for ad locations and formats, covering Facebook and Instagram stories, image posts and video posts.

Furthermore, we provided Fusalp Korea with Paid Social Media Management services through their global Instagram account, ensuring smooth campaign management. This included crafting an integrated paid ad strategy and action plan for optimal performance, as well as continuous testing and iteration of key insights.


The efforts deployed resulted in remarkable outcomes for Fusalp. We conducted ongoing A/B testing and optimisation, managing a substantial ad spend budget for their two-month winter campaign.

Employing a comprehensive and well-structured approach, we created multiple target audiences, developed campaigns, set up ad sets and crafted numerous ads.

These activities played a pivotal role in achieving the desired objectives and delivering positive results for Fusalp.

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