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Performance Marketing, Brand Management, E-commerce Activation, Digital Consulting

Successful Launch and Establishment of a Strong Brand Presence in the Korean market via Performance Marketing

65% Market Share

Scaling Up as #1 Brand


Brand Searches

All KPIs Acheived

for 2020~2023


Roborock, a prominent brand in the robot vacuum cleaner industry, partnered with expand k to achieve a successful launch and establish a strong presence in the Korean market.

The primary goal was to secure the leading market share within the robot vacuum cleaner industry in Korea.

Challenges & Objectives

Roborock faced several challenges in entering and expanding into the Korean market, such as building brand awareness and gaining customer trust.

To overcome these obstacles, they set specific objectives which included creating engaging content, driving targeted traffic, increasing conversions and ultimately achieving market leadership via paid media activities.


expand k implemented effective paid media campaigns across 15+ platforms.

For Naver, Daum and Kakao, we have set up monthly campaigns for search ads, brand keyword ads, display ads, banner ads and video ads - taking responsibility for the entire process from planning and ad creation to targeting and tracking. For Google and Meta, encompassing search ads, display network ads, video ads and social media ads - ensuring comprehensive campaign setup, ad creation, precise targeting and meticulous monitoring.

Apart from performance marketing, expand k executed a comprehensive content marketing strategy for Roborock's Naver Blog, starting with the development of a monthly content plan based on thorough keyword research and market trends analysis. We incorporated repurposed content from the Roborock website, created original Korean content on various topics and curated product-related content to enhance discoverability.

Furthermore, expand k provided exceptional customer support on the Naver Blog, actively engaging with readers through comments and messages. They ensured daily monitoring, promptly resolved any issues and provided monthly reports using Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) to track progress.


With these strategic activities, expand k played a pivotal role in driving Roborock's successful market entry and establishing a formidable brand presence in the highly competitive Korean market.

Our efforts in content marketing and digital advertising were instrumental in achieving Roborock's objectives and securing a leading position within the robot vacuum cleaner industry in Korea.

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