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Performance Marketing

Increasing Brand Visibility and Optimisation of Paid Search Campaigns


Targeted Traffic


Lowering Cost Per Click


Click-Through Rate


Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) partnered with expand k to enhance its search competitiveness in the Korean market.

The primary focus was on optimising Naver Search Ads activities to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their website.

Challenges & Objectives

The key challenges identified were low brand visibility and limited website traffic in the Korean market.

The objectives were to increase brand awareness among the target audience and generate a higher number of clicks and visits to the S-GE website in Korean.


Firstly we help to optimise the setup of the Naver Search Ads for Switzerland Global Enterprise, as well as the setup of the campaigns and ad groups. We also focused on rewriting and re-optimising Korean ad copies and carefully planned and created campaigns, including ad copies, visuals, targeting options and tests.

Paid search ads were published on the Naver platform and we diligently monitored campaign performance, conducted ad copy tests and made bidding adjustments on a daily basis. In-depth monthly reporting was provided via Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) and we scheduled monthly catch-up calls to discuss progress, performance and any support requirements.


The optimised paid search activities produced highly improved results for Switzerland Global Enterprise. Firstly, the Naver Search Ads campaign successfully enhanced brand awareness, leading to a noticeable improvement in brand visibility among the target audience in the Korean market.

Secondly, the optimisation of ad copies, targeting options and ongoing monitoring resulted in a substantial increase in clicks and visits to the S-GE website in Korean.

These outcomes reflect the successful collaboration between Switzerland Global Enterprise and our company. Together, we effectively improved their online presence, improved brand awareness and successfully generated increased website traffic in the Korean market.

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