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Performance Marketing, E-commerce Activation

Successful Launch and Sales Promotion of Key Products on Local Marketplace Platforms


Product Awareness


Lowering Cost Per Click




Xiaomi, a leading global manufacturer of consumer electronics, initiated a localised e-commerce product launch campaign in Korea.

With the goal of establishing a prominent presence on local marketplace platforms, the key objective was to effectively promote their products to the target audience.

Challenges & Objectives

The primary obstacles faced by Xiaomi revolved around creating awareness about their products, generating consumer demand and driving sales in the fiercely competitive Korean market.

The objectives revolved around the successful introduction of two key products and achieving optimal performance through targeted advertising.


To tackle these challenges and accomplish their goals, expand k implemented a comprehensive strategy centred on Naver Display Ads for Xiaomi. They devised a tailored Naver Display Ads strategy specifically designed for the Korean market, taking into account location, gender, age and interests to enhance targeting effectiveness.

Additionally, Xiaomi conducted Key Selling Point (KSP) testing to develop and assess focused creatives, maximising their impact. Continuous adjustments were made to bidding based on performance metrics, ensuring optimal ad placement and cost efficiency.


The strategic implementation of Naver Display Ads by expand k yielded significant outcomes for Xiaomi. They successfully launched their two key products in Korea and experienced heightened brand awareness and visibility among their target audience. The targeted customers responded positively, leading to improved engagement and response rates.

The impact on sales was also positive, resulting in revenue growth. Moreover, Xiaomi gained a deeper understanding of the Korean market and customer preferences. These activities enabled Xiaomi to achieve its objectives and establish a strong foothold in the Korean market, setting the stage for continued success in the region.

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