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Brand Management, Performance Marketing, E-commerce Activation, Digital Consulting

Full Korea E-commerce Service, from Brand Localisation, D2C E-commerce Activation and Brand Acceleration


Brand Awareness




Product Sales


Owlet is a leading baby care technology company focused on providing innovative solutions to empower parents and ensure the well-being of their babies. With a strong emphasis on safety and peace of mind, Owlet offers a range of smart baby monitors and wellness trackers.

The company's expansion into the Korean market aims to establish a direct-to-consumer e-commerce presence, providing Korean parents with access to Owlet's cutting-edge products and real-time insights into their baby's health.

Challenges & Objectives

The project faced several challenges and set clear objectives to address them. These included evaluating the market opportunity, regulatory environment, logistics infrastructure and cultural factors. The market analysis focused on competitors, pricing, product offerings and the target customer base.

A market entry strategy and e-commerce blueprint were developed, with a strong emphasis on localising the brand and product for the Korean market. Ensuring product and legal compliance with local regulations was a priority, as was the establishment of brand and marketplace commerce platforms.

Additionally, local logistics, fulfilment and customer service operations were set up to ensure seamless operations in the Korean market.


expand k facilitates e-commerce activation by evaluating market entry strategies, localising our brand and products and ensuring compliance with local regulations. This includes setting up brand and marketplace commerce platforms, as well as establishing efficient logistics and customer service operations.

In the realm of digital advertising, we plan and manage comprehensive campaigns across platforms such as Naver, Kakao, Google, Facebook and Instagram. We create engaging ad copies and visuals, monitor performance daily and handle ad spend processing.

expand k focused on Naver Shopping Ads and Coupang Ads for shopping campaigns. expand k set up and manage targeted campaigns, create persuasive ad content and closely monitor performance while providing regular reports.

To strengthen our online presence, expand k localise and update our brand website, employ essential SEO techniques and strategically link our Naver Smart Store and Coupang channels. We also offer ad hoc website updates and maintenance.

Furthermore, we explore offline advertising opportunities by researching and planning outdoor ad placements, managing communication with advertising agencies and ensuring the safe execution of outdoor ads.

Lastly, expand k's PR and influencer marketing efforts involve planning and executing monthly activities, creating compelling PR materials and selecting media and influencers to promote Owlet products in the Korean market. expand k closely monitor and manage PR activities on a daily basis.


The results of our activities encompass successful market entry and expansion in the Korean market, heightened brand visibility and increased customer engagement through digital advertising.

Additionally, expand k has achieved improved performance and sales through our shopping campaigns, enhanced brand presence through website localisation and updates, successful offline ad placements resulting in extended reach and the successful implementation of impactful PR and influencer marketing strategies.

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