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Performance Marketing

Data-led Optimisation to Improve Performance of Naver Search Ads and Google Search Ads


Search Visibility


Lowering Cost Per Click


Lowering Cost Per Acquisition


Basler, a worldwide leading manufacturer of industrial, 3D and embedded cameras, needed to undertake various measures to bolster Basler's integrated paid search digital marketing campaigns in Korea.

The primary objective was to amplify brand recognition and enhance visibility within the Korean market.

Challenges & Objectives

Basler encountered several challenges, including the imperative to bolster their online presence in Korea and gauge the efficacy of Naver, the foremost search engine for B2B companies.

The key goals encompassed optimising and assessing the performance of Google Search Ads in conjunction with Naver Search Ads, alongside conducting an effective evaluation of both platforms.


To accomplish these objectives, expand k executed a range of activities within Basler's paid search digital marketing initiatives in Korea. In the local paid search project, the team revamped Basler's Google Search Ads account by restructuring campaigns, updating ad copies and providing recommendations to refine landing pages.

Moreover, expand k took full responsibility for managing ad copy, bids and overall strategy while delivering monthly reports to monitor performance. In addition to optimising paid search efforts, expand k conducted a thorough search ad performance audit encompassing both Google and Naver platforms. This involved analysing current search ad performance, evaluating competitor activities, scraping ads and pertinent data across targeted keywords and auditing Basler's Google and Naver Search Ads accounts.

Based on the findings of the audit, expand k furnished recommendations and devised strategies. Furthermore, the team provided tailored Korean digital marketing services to cater to Basler Asia's specific requirements.


By implementing these measures, expand k improved Basler's paid search competitiveness in the Korean market on Naver Search Ads and Google Search Ads.

The optimised campaign planning and operations led to enhancing campaign performance and effectiveness.

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