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Performance Marketing, Digital Consulting

Increasing Brand Awareness and Optimising Sales Generation in the Korean Market


Targeted Traffic


Lowering Cost Per Click


Click-Through Rate


Cloudflare, a leading provider of web performance and security services, aimed to enhance its brand awareness and generate sales in Korea.

To achieve these goals, Cloudflare undertook a comprehensive digital marketing campaign focusing on Korean paid search through Naver Search Ads. Additionally, in-depth local keyword research was conducted to optimise the campaign's effectiveness.

Challenges & Objectives

Cloudflare faced the challenge of establishing a strong presence in the competitive Korean market and increasing product awareness among the target audience.

The objectives were to increase brand awareness, enhance product visibility and optimise sales generation campaigns.


To address the challenges and achieve the objectives, expand k supported Cloudflare to execute the following activities.

Firstly, a dedicated Korean keyword research project was conducted to identify high-priority keywords related to Cloudflare, competitors, product terms and industry-specific keywords. The research resulted in a comprehensive list of unique keywords, along with their monthly average search volumes, delivered in a convenient Google Sheet format for easy access and updates.

Secondly, expand k managed Cloudflare's Naver Search Ads account, which involves registration and setup of the Naver Search Ads platform, optimisation of account, campaign and ad group setups, tailoring Korean ad copies to resonate with the target audience, strategising and creating ad copies, visuals and targeting options, conducting tests, daily monitoring of the campaign with ad copy tests, bidding adjustments and continuous optimisation and monthly reporting of campaign performance through Looker Studio (Google Data Studio).


Cloudflare's comprehensive approach and strategic activities yielded significant results in Korea. The key outcomes consist of increased brand awareness and recognition in the Korean market, enhanced product visibility and awareness among the target audience and improved customer acquisition processes.

By leveraging Korean paid search and conducting in-depth keyword research, Cloudflare achieved its objectives of increasing brand and product awareness while generating sales and driving business growth.

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