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Together with our determined team, we aim to expand globally by visioning a world where brands/businesses can unlock new opportunities, achieve great results and build better futures for our clients and team.

Ian Cho

Founder & CEO

With over a decade of experience in the digital industry, Ian has collaborated with numerous global tech companies on KR expansion projects while working at a leading digital agency in London, UK.

After returning to Seoul, Ian founded expand k to provide dedicated in-market support to businesses worldwide.

Every morning, he enjoys taking long hikes around Seoul with his dog.

Belrina Im

Marketing Director

Belrina leads brand campaigns at expand k, bringing her thoughtful attention to the target audience and uncovering valuable consumer insights across various industries.

Not only is she a proud vegetarian and skilled yogi, but Belrina also radiates calmness to everyone she works with. Surprisingly, she holds a 4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo!

Alex Cho

Commercial Director

Alex is a data problem solver, driving the team's performance campaigns and e-commerce activation to empower businesses and unlock their growth potential.

As an avid foodie with diverse culinary experiences from living in the US for over a decade, Alex is a reliable source for mouthwatering restaurant recommendations in Seoul.

Bona Jo

Creative Director

Bona spearheads the creative vision for all projects at expand k, leveraging her background in graphic design to create purposeful user interactions across various digital platforms.

Recently, she has developed a fondness for natural wine and enjoys leisurely afternoons at hidden wine bars in Seoul (and around the world).

Haneul Park

Content Director

With a wealth of work experience in Europe and the Middle East, Haneul excels at crafting engaging content that resonates with a wide audience.

Though her heart remains in Bologna, she fills her weekends in Seoul with adventures and memorable moments (often surprising the team)!

Jun Lee

Business Development Manager

At the forefront of expand k, Jun identifies clients' needs, develops strategies, and ensures positive relationships from start to finish.

While his childhood dream of becoming a professional football player (running alongside Sonny) may be on hold, he continues to attract attention from weekend football teams in Seoul.

Mia Cheon

Senior Account Manager

Passionate and energised, Mia works closely with clients to accomplish what initially seems impossible – readily rolling up her sleeves to get things done.

Often spotted singing in karaoke bars in Bali, her love is always directed towards the sun and sea.

Linda Huh

Account Manager

Having lived in multiple countries, Linda's creativity shines as she perceives things through unique lenses, offering different solutions for clients.

With an enthusiasm for new experiences, such as exploring diverse cuisines and destinations, she possesses an open mind and easily connects with anyone.

Ini Bang

Account Manager

Everyone loves to work with Ini. As a beloved team player, she always shares positive energy that boosts team spirit and productivity.

With a natural flair for fashion, she effortlessly turns any attire into her own chic and stylish statement.

River Oh

Design Manager

With a double major in Graphic Design and Philosophy, River reflects a profound interest in diverse fields. River continuously pushes herself beyond her limits to deep dive into the the world of Graphic Design.

At our dog-friendly office, you'll notice River's deep fondness for fluffy friends through her smiling face filled with affection!


Furry Friend

Originally from Cambridge, England - Kuro the Cockapoo is in charge of boosting office morale (of course not with British humour!).

All you need is a few peanut butter-flavoured treats to receive a million kisses from her 🐶

We're always open to growing our team! If you are interested in learning more about us & what we do, please reach out to us at 🙂


And for current open positions, please visit our company page on LinkedIn!

We are proud of our culture of working together. As a team, we are always in the process of building a global environment and relationships centred around excellence, growth & togetherness.


And while on this journey to expand globally to build better futures for the team, we also have a lot of fun. If you want to know what it’s like to work at expand k, please check out our Instagram account!

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