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Market Research, Competitor Analysis & Strategy Building

By delving into consumer patterns using both quantitative and qualitative methods, we deliver insights into the needs and online behaviours of your potential customers. We also provide competitor analysis, which is a crucial process to succeed in the Korean & APAC markets dominated by strong local players. Using the research and analysis, we build compelling digital marketing strategies, which can be implemented and optimised in real-time to reflect the latest market trends.

Industry Research
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Digital Marketing Audit
Marketing Strategy Building
Media Strategy Building

Market Research, Competitor Analysis & Strategy Building

Organic Social Strategy & Management

While it is common practice for international brands to rely on a single global social media page, KR & APAC online users expect dedicated local pages. We strongly encourage brands to publish relevant local content to increase social media presence in this region. We help you achieve this goal by conducting a thorough audit of your regional social media marketing strategies, building powerful strategies and amplifying your products/services through engaging brand messages in the Korean & APAC markets.

Organic Social Media Strategy Building
Facebook Page Management
Instagram Account Management

Organic Social Strategy & Management

Korean SEO, Website, App, and

E-Commerce Localisation / Optimisation

SEO is essential for international businesses attempting to increase brand visibility in Korea & APAC countries. Korean & APAC search engines including Naver, and Daum have distinct features and mechanisms that do not work with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We optimise search engines using the right keywords, tone of voice, and excellent copywriting skills. We also localise your websites, apps, and e-commerce to help you gain meaningful conversions within the Korean & APAC markets.

Search Engine Optimisation (Naver, Google, and Daum)
Website Localisation / Optimisation 
App Localisation / Optimisation
E-Commerce Localisation / Optimisation

Korean SEO, Website, App, and E-Commerce Localisation / Optimisation
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Paid Social Advertising

Just as anywhere else in the world, paid social advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach an untapped audience, increase brand/product awareness, and generate conversions in Korea & the APAC region. We help our clients meet these objectives through undertaking the entire advertising process in-house: target audience research, copywriting, ad creative design, ad implementation, A/B testing and optimisation. We have a proven track record of delivering tangible results to a variety of clients.

Paid Social Advertising Strategy
Facebook Advertising 
Instagram Advertising 
LinkedIn Advertising 
Local Social Media Advertising 

Paid Social Advertising
Paid Search / Display / Video / Shopping / App Advertising

Paid Search / Display / Video / Shopping / App Advertising

Our paid specialist team has a profound understanding of various local paid advertising platforms. We take an audience-centric approach, actively analysing contextual signals and audience reports to target the qualified audience regardless of campaign types. We place great emphasis on keyword research to maximise reach and ROAS. We are detail-oriented, ensuring ad copies resonate with local consumers at all times. All reports are automated through Google Data Studio.

Google (Search, Display, Shopping, App)
Naver (Search, Display, Video)
Kakao (Search, Display, Video)
Daum (Search, Display)
YouTube (Video)

Creative Content Marketing & CRM

When it comes to content marketing, creating localised content is key to achieving success in Korea & the APAC region. However, this doesn’t mean simply translating existing content. International business need to create culturally-aware, context-appropriate localised content that hits the mark to succeed in these markets. We understand how challenging this is, so we create bespoke content for our clients to help them influence consumers towards positive brand image and conversions.

Interactive Content Creation
Naver Blog 
Social Media 
Kakao Channel
Email Marketing

Creative Content Marketing & CRM

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a viable B2C marketing strategy in Korea & APAC countries as consumers here tend to value peer opinions. To help you connect better with consumers, we work with a wide pool of talent to create hype around your brand. We not only help you earn attention but inspire consumers to take action.

Influencer Strategy Building
Influencer Identification
Content Creation

Influencer Marketing
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