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Brand Management

Increasing Campaign Awareness via Strategic Management of Local Paid Search


Campaign Awareness


Brand Reach


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expand k was commissioned by Rolls-Royce, the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship in the automotive industry, to identify the key audience group and execute a campaign rollout in the Korean market using a local search ads platform.

The primary goal was to showcase the global campaign by strategically planning and managing Naver Search Ads, ensuring complete ownership of ad placements.

Challenges & Objectives

Rolls-Royce needed a local agency with expertise in brand localisation and managing paid search campaigns in the Korean market.

Collaboratively, we conducted target audience testing and developed Korean ad copies and ad creatives (image/video) specifically tailored for Naver Search Ads.


Given Naver's status as the largest search engine platform in Korea, we assisted Rolls-Royce in registering and setting up their Naver Search Ads Account. Furthermore, we performed Korean keyword research using approximately 300 keywords sourced from Naver Keyword Tools, focusing on high-priority Korean keywords related to Rolls-Royce's competitors, products and industry.

By employing cost-effective and relevant Korean keywords, we meticulously managed Rolls-Royce's Naver Search Ads account. This involved campaign planning, creation of ad copies and visuals, targeting options, ad publication and daily monitoring.


The Naver Search Ads campaign was executed with success, meeting the brand's campaign objectives.

As a result. expand k successfully identified the key audience group, evaluated optimal ad placements and optimised the campaign format, laying the groundwork for future campaigns.

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