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Brand Management

Full Localisation of Brand, Product and Website through In-depth Market Research

Introduction, a company focused on providing resume-building services, embarked on a project to expand its reach in the Korean market.

The project included fully localising their website, implementing content marketing strategies, conducting keyword research and managing Naver search ads.

Challenges & Objectives aimed to run paid social media marketing campaigns in the Korean market to increase brand awareness.

However, the brand required support with digital marketing activities and faced the challenge of effectively localising its website content to cater to the Korean audience.


Our activities for the project included multiple components. Firstly, we conducted a one-off bulk localisation for the Korean website, which involved translating various materials, product descriptions and webpage content.

Additionally, we provided ongoing localisation support for the local website alongside repurposing the localised Korean website content for the Naver Blog. Our activities in this regard included implementing relevant keywords, revising titles and content structure and providing customer support. We also performed daily monitoring, addressed any issues that arose and delivered monthly reports.

In addition to the localisation efforts, we conducted a one-off project for local keyword research. This involved identifying high-value Korean keywords that were relevant to's brand terms and competitors and industries.

Lastly, we managed and reported on Naver Search Ads. This included the registration and setup of the platform, campaign planning, creation of ad copies, targeting options and performance monitoring. Monthly reporting and catch-up calls were conducted to discuss progress and performance.


As the project is still ongoing, we are yet to determine the final results.

However, once the project is completed, the case study will provide updates on the progress, performance and outcomes achieved.

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