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Brand Management

Improving Brand Awareness, Search Engine Visibility and Engagement for Prospective Students


Brand Awareness


Lowering Cost Per Click


Lowering Cost Per Acquisition


NYU Stern, in collaboration with expand k, embarked on a strategic partnership to enhance brand awareness and visibility on the prominent Naver platform in South Korea, with the ultimate goal of generating new student leads.

The project involved the implementation of a comprehensive content marketing strategy leveraging the Naver Blog and targeted paid search advertising through Naver Search Ads.

Challenges & Objectives

NYU Stern faced the challenge of limited visibility on the Naver platform, hindering their ability to reach potential students and parents in South Korea. To overcome this, expand k devised a tailored approach to increase brand awareness and improve visibility through strategic content marketing and paid search advertising.


expand k executed various activities to achieve the project objectives, including the creation and management of Naver paid search ad campaigns utilizing over 300 relevant keywords. Continuous bid adjustments were made based on campaign performance to ensure optimal results.

In-depth keyword research specific to the Korean market was conducted, resulting in the identification of a comprehensive list of 1,100+ keywords that effectively targeted prospective students and parents.

Furthermore, expand k established NYU Stern's official Naver Blog to establish a strong presence on the platform. Keyword-targeted Naver Blog posts were crafted to improve organic search rankings and attract relevant traffic.


The collaboration between expand k and NYU Stern yielded significant results by enhancing the engagement with the target audience was enhanced, fostering stronger connections and attracting prospective students and parents to consider NYU Stern as their educational institution of choice.

Brand awareness on the Naver platform experienced a substantial increase, enabling NYU Stern to reach a broader audience in South Korea. Visibility of NYU Stern on Naver's search engine also improved significantly due to the targeted paid search advertising efforts. Organic search rankings for NYU Stern's Naver Blog posts witnessed a significant boost, resulting in increased organic traffic.

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