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Strengthening Brand Awareness and Engagement via Localised Social Media Campaigns


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New Zealand Avocado is a renowned brand known for producing and exporting high-quality avocados. With a focus on superior fruit quality, sustainable farming practices and strict quality control measures, they deliver consistent and delicious avocados to domestic and international markets.

New Zealand Avocado aimed to activate social media management and influencer marketing in the Korean market with expand k.

Challenges & Objectives

The main challenge was to establish a strong presence for New Zealand Avocado on social media platforms in Korea.

The objectives included increasing brand visibility, engaging with the target audience and driving user engagement.


Our activities for New Zealand Avocado's social media campaign consisted of two key components. Firstly, we focused on social media platforms, which involved the creation and management of the Korean Facebook page. This included producing monthly posts consisting of creative posts and adaptation posts. All posts underwent thorough review and approval by New Zealand Avocado. Our team handled the copywriting and image editing, utilizing the provided image library. We also took charge of post uploads, monitoring user engagement and providing monthly reports.

Secondly, we managed the Meta Ads account for New Zealand Avocado with the aim of amplifying the reach of published posts and the Facebook page. Additionally, during certain months, we planned and executed four post boost campaigns for creative posts and one campaign to increase page likes.

Furthermore, we facilitated influencer collaboration activities wherein we collaborated with a lifestyle influencer. We carefully selected 2-3 candidates for validation and arranged the shipment of New Zealand Avocados to the chosen influencer. Our team conducted project briefings, handled communication, managed payment processing and contracted with the influencer. The content created by the influencer was approved by New Zealand Avocado and then published, along with paid ad operations, on the Facebook page and the influencer's respective Facebook and Instagram accounts.

By implementing these activities, we aimed to enhance New Zealand Avocado's presence on social media platforms, engage with the target audience and achieve the desired campaign objectives.


Overall, the results of our activities showcased a positive impact on New Zealand Avocado's Korean social media presence and audience engagement.

The integration of local social media management, paid social ads and KOL collaborations contributed to achieving the campaign objectives of increasing brand visibility, engaging with the target audience and driving user engagement.

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