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Local Planning and Production of Branded Content for the Korean Market with Digital Amplification


Brand Awareness




Product Visibility


Lamb Weston, a leading global producer of frozen potato products, joined forces with expand k to pursue digital marketing objectives in the Korean market.

The project primarily focused on generating local customer demand by collaborating with local restaurants and chef influencers, as well as establishing a presence on local food and lifestyle digital media platforms.

Challenges & Objectives

Lamb Weston required the expertise of a local digital agency to plan and produce image, video and text content specifically tailored for industry professionals in the Korean market.

The main goal was to create locally produced content that could be shared through Lamb Weston's social channels and key media outlets catering to restaurant professionals in Korea.


expand k undertook a range of activities to fulfil Lamb Weston's objectives. This included planning and producing image, video and text content, resulting in localised recipes, product application images and testimonial videos for Instagram. They also localised and planned a global chef challenge campaign.

Regarding local customer demand generation, expand k managed the sourcing, planning and production of a chef influencer collaboration campaign. This involved communication, negotiating costs, handling contracts and facilitating payments with a top chef influencer on behalf of Lamb Weston. Additionally, expand k took charge of the digital placement of sponsored content on various food and lifestyle digital media platforms such as magazines.


The collaboration between Lamb Weston and expand k yielded successful outcomes. The project entailed the production of localised content and strategic digital placements on key Korean food media platforms. This enabled Lamb Weston to effectively engage with its target audience and strengthen its brand presence in the Korean market.

By leveraging the expertise of expand k, Lamb Weston achieved their objectives of creating tailored branded content for the Korean market and successfully reaching their target audience through strategic digital placements.

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