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Brand Management, Digital Consulting

Staying Ahead of Competitors via Organic Content, Digital PR and Local Asset Production


Search Visibility

+7:00 Minutes

Avg. Time Spent on Naver Blog

Localised Brand Asset Production


expand k partnered with Envirotainer, the leading provider of cold chain solutions for the air transportation of pharmaceutical products worldwide, to establish a strong brand presence in the Korean market.

The primary objective was to enhance brand visibility and increase organic traffic from local search engines, specifically focusing on Naver Blog, digital PR and local production activities.

Challenges & Objectives

Envirotainer faced a challenge with limited digital presence and content visibility in the Korean market. The aim was to boost brand visibility and organic search performance on the Naver platform through both organic and sponsored content.


Since Envirotainer had a limited organic search presence on Naver, our team assisted in localising their Korean landing page and managing offsite content creation for Naver Blog.

Additionally, Envirotainer actively participated in various offline events in Korea to showcase their products to the target audience. Our team supported the production work for these events, including photo and video shooting, production planning, timeline creation, on-site direction, full video editing and design and layout of the video content.


As a result of our collaborative efforts, Envirotainer achieved significant improvements in brand visibility and organic search presence on the Naver platform. The localised Korean landing page and offsite content creation on Naver Blog attracted a larger audience and enhance brand awareness.

And as for brand presence, the production of high-quality and Korea-specific content for offline events further solidified Envirotainer's position in the Korean market.

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