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The Wall Street Journal



Brand Management

Leveraging the Powerful BTL Campaigns to Boost the Number of Subscriptions at the Top Universities in Korea.


Brand Reach


Product Visibility


Lowering Cost Per Acquisition


The Wall Street Journal aimed to boost subscriptions through targeted initiatives at the top universities in Korea.

By leveraging digitally powered offline Poster Ads, Banner Ads, and Leaflet Distribution, the objective was to secure new subscriptions for the Wall Street Journal from Korean university students, professors and staff at the top universities.

Challenges & Objectives

The Wall Street Journal faced a challenge in providing free Wall Street Journal Subscriptions information towards Korean university students, professors and staff.

The primary objective was to secure high volume of new subscriptions within 2 months. With the clear objectives of the campaign and timeline, expand k collaborated with The Wall Street Journal to reach their objectives via BTL campaigns at the top universities in Korea.


The campaign centred around three main offline activities with digital tracking system - KR Poster Ads, KR Banner Ads, and KR Leaflet Distribution, strategically deployed in the top universities in Korea.

expand k managed from localising the English assets that were shared by The Wall Street Journal, developing the localised designs of posters, banners, and leaflet designs in-house, fully handling the campaign materials and providing the campaign results to the client.


The campaign resulted in remarkable outcomes, surpassing the initial goal for The Wall Street Journal whilst providing audience tracking data and insights. The targeted digitally empowered BTL activities proved effective in not only increasing awareness but also driving tangible results in subscription acquisition.

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