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SSI Schaefer




Brand Management

Integrated Local Website, Content and SEO Initiatives to Enhance Brand Authority


Search Visibility

+5:00 Minutes

Avg. Time Spent on Naver Blog

Localised Brand Asset Production


SSI Schaefer is one of the world's leading providers of intralogistics solutions, packaging systems and waste technology products.

expand k worked with SSI Schaefer to improve SSI Schaefer's website traffic and create engaging and creative website content.

Challenges & Objectives

SSI Schaefer faced the challenge of maintaining and managing its Korean website presence while increasing website traffic. The objectives were to increase brand authority by enhancing brand awareness in the Korean market and driving more traffic to the SSI Schaefer website.

expand k took on the challenge and formulated a comprehensive plan spread across website management, SEO, content creation and local asset production to address these goals.


Firstly, we conducted a comprehensive Korean keyword research project, identifying high-relevancy keywords with monthly average search volumes from Naver. This research focused on high-priority keywords related to SSI Schaefer's competitor, product terms and industry-specific keywords.

Secondly, we optimised the Korean metadata for top web pages on the SSI Schaefer Korean website. This involved creating optimised metadata, including keyword placements, character limit checks and engaging copywriting for meta titles, descriptions, OG tags, URLs and more.

Additionally, we provided content marketing services on Naver Blog, including account setup and optimisation, an adaptation of localised content with keyword implementation and the provision of full customer support through comments and messages. Our dedicated content manager oversaw the daily monitoring of the Naver Blog, escalated any issues and provided monthly reports via Looker Studio (Google Data Studio).


Our strategies and activities led to increased website traffic by leveraging optimised Korean metadata optimisation and targeted keyword research for SSI Schaefer. We witnessed improved visibility on Naver and saw a positive impact on Naver's organic search rankings.

Through content marketing on Naver Blog, we strengthened SSI Schaefer's online presence and brand awareness. Furthermore, our dedicated content manager provided detailed monthly reports with valuable insights and data, which enables ongoing optimisation and facilitates further growth for SSI Schaefer.

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