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Boosting Brand Engagement through Community Content Generation Campaign on Social Media


Organic Impressions

+60 IG Reels

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Organic Social Engagement


Glanbia (Optimum Nutrition) is a leading sports nutrition brand known for its high-quality supplements and nutritional products. Optimum Nutrition products are popular among athletes, fitness enthusiasts and individuals seeking to optimise their nutrition and achieve their fitness goals.

We worked with Optimum Nutrition to increase brand engagement with a local social media influencer community content generation campaign.

Challenges & Objectives

Optimum Nutrition did not have a local capacity for campaign planning, influencer list up and contracting and event operations.

They needed an agency that could work together with HQ in Singapore and the local branch in Korea, able to create event planning details and operations and run a local social media influencer community content creation campaign to increase brand engagement.


expand k proposed a social media campaign with the aim to increase brand awareness of the brand's association with the popular Netflix program, increase product visibility and relevancy with the target Korean audience (gym enthusiasts) and encourage the Korean audience to participate to create a viral effect.

We have run a community content generation challenge to generate 10 paid video/image content on Instagram Reels to increase campaign awareness, encourage word-of-mouth with organic social participation and increase brand engagement.


Provided the target deliverables for the project and increase brand awareness & product visibility towards the target audience in Korea.

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