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Brand Management

Building Brand Awareness and Enhancing Social Engagement to Increase Software Conversions via Local Influencer Collaboration Campaigns


Brand Reach


Social Channel Engagement




MacPaw, a software development company for Mac computers, was looking for an Influencer Marketing agency that would help to increase their brand awareness in the Korean market and drive software purchases on one of their software called CleanMyMac X.

With the clear objectives of awareness and conversion, expand k collaborated with MacPaw to provide cost-effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Challenges & Objectives

MacPaw faced the challenge of collaborating with highly influencer yet cost-effective local tech influencers in the Korean Market.

To overcome this, expand k provided a list of local influencers with recommendations to collaborate with to increase brand awareness and increase the number of software conversions through influencer marketing.


Our activities involved developing campaign guidelines, coordinating content delivery timelines, translating campaign plans, storyboards, and scripts for review, and facilitating communication between MacPaw and influencers, including addressing modification requests and contract management with the influencers.


The collaboration with local influencers created highly positive responses from the audience, as evidenced by the number of views, likes and comments on the uploaded videos.

This influencer collaboration campaign has successfully attracted the target audience, driving more software purchase conversions, enhanced social engagement and increased brand awareness of CleanMyMac X software in the Korean market.

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